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MSU Hunting Access

MSU Hunting Access

Date(s): Sep 01 - 31, 2021
Hours: 12:00 AM
Event: MSU Hunting Access

Reserving Hunting Access at the MSU College of Agriculture Springhill Experimental Farm

The Gallatin Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever has partnered with Montana State University College of Agriculture and Region 3 Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to coordinate an online hunting reservation system for big game and upland bird hunting on the Springhill Experimental Farm through the generosity of local software provider

Read and follow the “Guide to the Online Reservation Process” after reviewing and signing a copy of the “MSU Springhill Experimental Farm rules and acceptance statement”. The “Guide” contains the link to the Schedulicity hunting access site. The ‘acceptance statement’ gives driving directions to the Farm and other necessary information. A printable location map is also provided on this site.

While basic upland bird habitat is presently available on the Farm, we plan to work with MSU in improving the diversity and quality of cover types needed by upland game birds in the coming years.

Your cooperation in following the established rules and in using common sense and good (fair chase) hunting ethics when on the MSU property is necessary to help keep this land open to controlled public hunting. Have a fun and safe hunt!!

2021 Season dates: Upland bird (sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge) – September 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Ring-necked pheasant – October 10, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Deer and Elk season in accordance to Montana FWP HD312

Hunter access limited to 1 (one) each Upland Game Bird and 1 (one) each Big Game hunt/person/year.  You must email all participating Hunters Names, Montana FWP ALS number and phone number to complete the registration 72 hours prior to hunt date.         Email to

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Montana Pheasants Forever state website.

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Step 1. Begin at to access the MSU College of Agriculture’s Springhill Experimental Farm hunting access reservation site. You must first read and accept the hunting access rules by printing out and signing the acceptance form. Keep the form with you when hunting on the farm. Review and print out a copy of the hunting access map to have when hunting. Note the location of the two parking areas and safe (no hunting or shooting) areas marked on the map.


Step 2. Click on the link provided ( to go to the site to make a hunting reservation(s). The link will take you to the site we are using to schedule hunting access at the Farm. Schedulicity has graciously allowed us to use this site free of charge, so please thank them when you have a chance to do so.


Step 3. Review the Overview Notes, Bio, Additional Info, and Services Provided sections (big game and upland bird hunting).


Step 4. First time users should register at before proceeding further. Enter name, contact info, and a password. You can proceed without this step now but will be asked to provide them prior to confirming a reservation later. Once registered, you won’t need to again.


Step 5. Hit the “Schedule Now” button.


Step 6. Select a Service (either Big Game or Upland Bird Hunting Access) by clicking on the arrow symbol (>); then select the “Service Provider” either Big Game or Upland Bird; then click the blue “Add to Visit” box.


Step 7. Click the “Pick Date and Time” box to go to the calendar to view open dates throughout the season.


Step 8. Select a desired open date by clicking on the calendar date. Use the arrow to go forward or backward by month. Closed dates and dates already reserved are not selectable.


Step 9. After selecting a calendar date, select the time. For purposes of the reservation system, big game hunting begins at 0600 and bird hunting at 0900. In practice, big game hunting begins at the legal hunting time of one-half hour before sunrise and upland bird hunting begins no earlier than 9 am, according to the rules established for the Experimental Farm.


Step 10. On the Confirm your Appointment Screen, click on the “Add a Message” text to the right of the word Access. Enter the name(s) and ALS number(s) and applicable vehicle license plate number(s) of those who will be hunting under this reservation on this date. Please car pool to limit the number of vehicles used.


Step 11. Click the “Book It’ button.


Step 12. If desired, you can click now use the “Book Another” button to begin the process again to reserve another open date for either big game or upland bird hunting. (You are only able to hunt 1 (one) Big Game Hunt and 1 (one) Upland Game Bird hunt per hunter/party member) Follow Steps 6 through 11, as above..


Step 13. Follow this same process to cancel a reservation. Hunters must cancel a reservation that won’t be used at least 48 hours prior to the reservation to allow another hunter to make use of the date. Failure to do so may result in loss of hunting privileges at the Springhill Experimental Farm.


Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message from Print out the confirmation message and leave it on the dashboard of your vehicle in one of the two designated parking areas at the Farm. Write the names and ALS numbers of all hunters (max of 4) in the party on the printed message. When done hunting for the day, please leave the confirmation message in the drop box provided in the parking area. Please add a note or comment as to whether any game was observed and/or harvested to help us in adapting the hunting access program. We plan to improve upland game bird habitat on the Farm over time so comments on numbers seen and harvested is important to evaluate habitat needs and success in improving numbers.


Your adherence to good hunting ethics and the rules governing hunting access at the MSU Springhill Experimental Farm will go a long way toward keeping the property open to hunting in the future.


Thank you for your participation. Have a safe and enjoyable hunt.


Comments or questions can be sent to Rob Holt, GVPF at

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