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Montana's Next Pheasant Hunters

Montana's Next Pheasant Hunters

Welcome to the next generation in conservation and pheasant hunting enthusiasts. In efforts to help our younger generation play a larger role in our efforts to conserve and provide habitat for upland game, our chapter provides today's youth with opportunities to learn about what Pheasants Forever is truly encircling. Montana provides conservation educational materials, safety of firearms and mentor youth hunts for those kids who may not have the same opportunities as most. Take a moment and read about our youth events or find out how you can become a key component of helping future Pheasants Forever Members.

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Join Our 2023 Young Hunter Program

Join Our 2023 Young Hunter Program

Date(s): July 22 - Sept 23, 2023

Hours: Vary depending on location (see youth hunter application for exact dates and times)

Event: Gallatin Valley Pheasants Forever Young Hunter Program

The Gallatin Valley Pheasants Forever Young Hunter Program is one of the best opportunities for youth in Montana to learn how to properly shoot a shotgun and hunt Pheasants & other game birds. It is spread over 5 Saturdays (1/2 day) and 2 evenings in late July, August and September. In the past, we have been able to provide a 1/2 day pheasant hunt behind pointers in September for those who successfully graduate and are going to do so in 2023. The program provides instruction on Hunter safety, proper shooting form, wildlife conservation, bird habitat, bird species, bird dog types and how to care for them in the field, where and how to hunt, shotgun & ammo types and uses, proper care of guns, proper interaction with land owners and how to field dress wild birds. 

Participants will learn to shoot trap, skeet and sporting clays. All guns, ammo, clays, ear/eye protection and instruction is provided free of charge. 

We have room for 15-20 youth students between the ages of 11-15 who have successfully passed Hunter Safety Education course. Applications due by June 15th, 2023, selection begins in June. Participants and one parent or guardian are expected to attend all sessions.

If you have not completed a hunter safety course, you can find a hunter safety class near you at: link

It is mandatory to successfully complete this course ahead of the first day of Youth Pheasants Forever programming.

Application can be found here: 2023 GVPF Youth Program Application

For additional information, please contact: 

Kimberly and Artemis Pechischev, GVPF Youth Program Coordinators (406) 640-2854

2022 Young Hunter Program Recap

2022 Young Hunter Program Recap

Our 2022 program challenged us to find students due to online Hunter Safety classes, but we got past that. We had a wonderful group of eager and passionate students. All students had a triumphant hunt with our excellent volunteer instructors and dog handlers. The hunt was a complete success with 25 pheasants! It was an amazing group of shooters.

We want to thank all the Volunteers and Sponsors, without them this program would not exist. We also want to thank our Board as it would not be possible without the continuing support of our chapter. 

The donations to the program included: ranch preserve for hunting and game birds, clay pigeons for practice, shotgun shells (which were almost impossible to come by), food and beverages for shoots and hunt, along with countless hours spent with the students teaching and mentoring. 

A heartfelt thanks to all of those that made this possible.

Kimberly and Artemis Pechischev 

Youth Program Coordinators 


Youth Hunter Safety and Education

Youth Hunter Safety and Education

While we all like to have fun in the field and chase pheasants for miles, safety is one of the most important aspects. We promote and encourage hunter safety in the field. Through these classes and education we show both youth and adults the proper ways to hold, maneuver and proper gun care. Getting those who are not familiar with a gun, comfortable with handling their firearm so that they can enjoy their hunts successfully. 

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Annual Youth Mentor Pheasant Hunt

Annual Youth Mentor Pheasant Hunt

Pheasants Forever mentored pheasant hunts are the ideal way to introduce kids and teens to hunting, as experienced volunteer hunters from Pheasants Forever coach youth on the importance of firearm safety, wildlife habitat and hunting technique.

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